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Graphic design

I have been doing graphic design and page layout since I was a child as well. Writing and illustrating  l o n g - l o n g - l o n g comic strips on cash register receipt rolls of paper, putting together newspapers on my father's cast iron Underwood typewriter, and drawing intricate road maps for my Dinky toys to drive around in on the back of Twister mats.

My default design view is that 'less is more', and I enjoy visual breathing space. Having for so long combined photography and design, I am also aware that taking photographs with a particular design intimately in mind, or designing a promotional piece with particular images in mind, usually delivers an overall impact greater than the sum of its parts.

Here are some types of business materials I have recently designed.

Exhibition graphics

Different shows and customers call for different visual treatments. With the organisation of blank canvases clearly in mind I usually like to begin with a selection of good, striking photographs and pared-down messages that will attract appropriate customers to the exhibition stand. I may then 'build' sophisticated imagery or infographics into the display — that deliver more detail to visitors close up — to further engage interest in the products on display or develop curiosity. Or the design may just be simple and impactful.

Cartes 2015 Exhibition Stand Design Access-IS stand at Cartes 2015, Paris – promoting electronic data readers and mobile ticketing devices.


Brochures, flyers, annual reports, publications

These are great ways of getting a business known to specific audiences. Well-designed and attractive promotional materials speak to clients and potential customers in their own language — through print, as online ads, as PDF downloads or targeted emails. I've produced promotional materials in a myriad of forms: conference posters, illustrated guides, adverts, banner stands, postcards, bookmarks, badged memory sticks, clock faces ... you name it.

Websites and web graphics

I'm designery, not nerdy, with a strength in front-end design. Although I have serviced a variety of large-ish websites, what I really enjoy are small, clever, simple, clean-lined sites that allow you to get to the heart of the matter quickly.

Logos and branding

I have a knack for designing logos — for businesses, products, programmes. Good branding should work well with all the media streams you plan to use, so proportion, fonts, colours and detail are important factors to consider. Forget wide and very skinny.

Infographics, technical illustrations, maps, signs

I really enjoy producing illustrations that stimulate people ... while visually simplifying and conveying complex ideas, processes, programmes or structures. Infographics can bring alive presentations and annual reports as well as bring to life books, brochures and magazines, and make websites sparkle. I have seen simple infographics clinch business pitches. Diagrams can appear as businesslike or playful as you like, and can be online interactive. I also do a fine line in maps: from company location maps to fictional maps for simulation events and gaming.


Graphic Design

"Just a personal word of thanks for your work on the pitch ... I was particularly pleased with how my text and your graphics produced such a compelling presentation piece — more importantly the client thought so too ... and is apparently still using the infographic to explain how the project works! "

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