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Reviews of Narrowboat Life 1st Edition

"A colourful and comprehensive guide to life on the waterways. Practical, pretty and accessible, it's charmingly designed while providing excellent advice."
– Maria Hodson, BBC Countryfile Magazine

"Jim Batty's extraordinarily handsome book addressing all of these questions - and some more - might just become your new best friend.
... It's all rounded off with aspirational images (really, some of the best waterways photography we've seen in some time).
Sarah Henshaw, Waterways World

"Essential reading for anyone from professional narrowboaters to those musing a change of lifestyle."
Countryside Magazine

"... It is full of enticing images and pertinent information. Along with the positive and passionate tone of writing, it may just encourage those keen to find out a little more to take the next steps.
My Verdict: A cracking Christmas present for anyone who may have mentioned an interest in life on the water ... "
Graeme Marsh, Towpath Talk

"This isn't the first book about living afloat on a narrowboat ... but it manages to look at it from a different angle. Each chapter is based around one of the standard questions that existing liveaboard boaters always get asked. The classic 'Is it cold in the winter?' leads to a description of different types of heating and insulation ..."
Canal Boat Magazine

"If you wish to learn about life afloat on an inland waterway, including living aboard, then Narrowboat Life by Jim Batty is just the ticket."
Evergreen Magazine