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City of London Dragons article by Jim Batty  City of London Dragon Photo Safari

Travel photography for travellers — an alternative guide describing how and where to take quirky photos of dragons in the City of London, including: Temple Bar, Bank, Holborn Viaduct, and Britain's largest meat market. A version of this article appeared in LeCool's A Weird and Wonderful Guide to London. Includes technical photo tips and dragon safari map. Article

Filming The Wolfman article by Jim Batty  Rain Machine: Filming The Wolfman in London

Text and photographs about the filming of a central scene in The Wolfman (released: 2009). This is fascinating, big budget movie-making that recreates Victorian London over two streets beside Lincoln's Inn, and involves dozens of actors, over 100 crew, teams of horses and carriages, acres of artificial cobblestone and a mammoth rain machine suspended from the sky. Article

Travel guide market research article by Jim Batty  Who Buys Travel Guides? Travel Guide Market Research

An investigation into travel guidebook buying habits in the UK and the associated travel guide publishing market, drawing on market research and intelligence. The article begins with a general introduction to the UK publishing market and statistical overview of consumer book publishing. Article

Eadweard Muybridge article by Jim Batty  Eadweard Muybridge Re-enactment

Eadweard Muybridge, in the 1870's, began producing a series of photographs to capture the movements of horses — in order to settle a bet that the four feet of a galloping racehorse are sometimes all clear of the ground. Muybridge's photographic method was re-enacted at Ham Polo Ground, a stone's throw from his birthplace in Kingston, using an invited bevy of large format cameras. Article

Kayak photography on River Thames article by Jim Batty  Kayak photography on the River Thames

This article is about taking photographs of the River Thames from a kayak — a unique physical and visual balancing act guided by the time-honoured principle of simply messing about in boats. Article

Philosophy of photography article by Jim Batty  How do photographs represent things?

... of puppets, philosophy and pictorial representation. This is a philosophical primer for those interested in understanding pictorial representation and how the two-dimensional array of dots forming a photograph can represent the three-dimensional world. Five theories are sketched and commented on: Resemblance; Illusion; Semiotic; Make-Believe; and Seeing-In. Article

Victorian Artists in Photographs article by Jim Batty  Victorian Artists in Photographs

Review of this fascinating exhibition of Victorian artists — including Millais, Rossetti, Watts, Ruskin, RL Stevenson, Burne-Jones, Whistler, William Morris, Dickens and Carlyle — in Victorian photographs at London's Guildhall Art Gallery. Article