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Narrowboat life

By Jim Batty

Newly revised 2nd edition, published by Bloomsbury / Adlard Coles, now available.

A colourful and comprehensive guide to life on the waterways. Practical, pretty and accessible, it's charmingly designed while providing excellent advice.  

byMaria Hodson, BBC Countryfile Magazine


Narrowboat Life, with over 270 full-colour photographs, is a fascinating and visually stunning insight into what it's like to have a narrowboat as your home, and answers all the questions about the ins and outs of liveaboard life you've wanted to ask.

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Sinuous Ash Trees in a Forest
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A Buried Body?

Wandering in an English Wood

From the Archives:  

...   I reasoned there could only be something illicit taking place, and it suddenly struck me forcefully that someone was burying a body. What else could it be? Now I began to get spooked. There was no way I wanted to be discovered – a witness to some foul play being secreted away in the night. I told myself to keep cool and quiet. Sit it out. Preparing for bed, I was gratified that my sleeping bag was already zipped up and I just wriggled in. I was careful not to clunk anything in the tent against the stove or pot. Certainly no reading by candlelight. The dull metallic sound continued to scratch and clunk for five to ten minutes, then stop for about the same period. Then start up again. Clearly it was extremely slow, methodical work.   ...

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