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Graphic design and photography ... together

I am dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses boost their success by reaching their customers and clients through printed and digital design, backed up by good, relevant photography. 25 years experience has inspired me to set up the Jim Batty floating studio so that I can use my corporate design and photography skills together to help give your business an edge. We can keep the process simple and direct — with no superflous fees, no middle people and nothing 'lost in translation'.

Designing for your business

The design process usually begins with you telling me something about yourself, what your business offers and who you want to reach. We can then tackle an individual promotional piece or develop a brief that will work for you, keep within your budget and make a success of your products or services.

My areas of expertise

Have a look at some of the vertical slideshows on each web page for samples of my work. Or check out my design and photography portfolios page to see if I can help you and your business.

Graphics include:

Flyers, websites, logos and branding, signs and maps.

Jim Batty photography focuses on:

Businesses and events, editorial travel and boating.


More about graphic design

"I would just like to congratulate everyone for the sterling effort that went into the production of the Annual Review. I had such pleasure reading it! This is something I'll gladly hand out to clients and people."

Chih Hoong Sin, Principal, OPM

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