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New book by Jim Batty
Narrowboat Life: Discover life afloat on the inland waterways
Published by Bloomsbury 19 May 2016

More information about Narrowboat Life and how to pre-order a copy"The sight of a floating toy-box dressed up in crayon colours can only inspire romantic wonder at what it must be like to call such a thing 'home'."

Narrowboat Life is a fascinating and visually stunning insight into what it's like to have a narrowboat as your home, and answers all the questions you've wanted to ask about the ins and outs of liveaboard life.


The book is illustrated with over 270 full-colour photographs of narrowboats, their hand-crafted interiors and the beautiful inland waterways themselves. Should you become seduced, you will find some solid, hands-on advice about how to buy and make a narrowboat your home.


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I thrive on combining the three things I enjoy most: photography, graphic design and writing. Each project requires a different creative balance between each element. Get that combination right and the resulting book, design, picture essay or marketing piece truely expresses more than the sum of its parts!




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