Bring out the Sparkle 

Proud of your boat? Want to show it off to others? Need illustrations for an article about your wonderful craft? Or, sadly, in order to sell it?

I can bring out the best in your boat – what's special about its interior, fine details, reveal the beauty of its exterior curves and lines, even convey the vigour of its engine(s)!

Why not have me make a professional record of your boat's cabins, its special features, luscious exterior curves and trim?

We will discuss beforehand what you appreciate most about the style and look of your boat. On the day I will spend about 6 - 8 hours aboard your craft making photographs, followed by a day or two in the post-production 'light room' to make sure every image is perfectly balanced and expressive.

Leisure Boats

Professional images of your floating home-away-from-home – whether based on the coast, a rushing river or quiet canal.

Liveaboard Craft

Beautiful photographs that capture your own, personal way of living afloat on the inland waterways.

Beloved Interiors

The design, decoration and details of your cabins and cosy corners preserved for all time.

Beautiful Exteriors

Luscious views of your boat's steely lines or glass fibre curves; its decks and helms gleaming with woodwork, brasswork, chrome, or traditional paintwork and signwriting.

Frequently Asked Questions

To keep everyone safe I have been keeping a very low profile during Life in the Time of Covid. Here in the UK we seem to be very slowly pulling out of the pandemic, so I hope to be visiting boats again in Springtime 2022.

There's no harm in flexibly planning a shoot beforehand, so drop me a line if you'd like to discuss photographing your boat.

Price depends on the size of your boat and the range of images you'd like. This may include interior cabins, external views, engine compartment. I can also photograph you and your family or friends or pets onboard.

Here's a couple of examples: 

50-60ft narrowboat, or 30-40ft GRP cruiser: I usually aim to capture 20 to 25 really good interior images of cabins and internal details, plus 5 external views & details. This costs £500.

50-60ft widebeam: Similar to above, will cost £600.

50-60ft replica or Dutch barge: I aim for 30 to 35 great interior photos plus 10 external views/detail shots. This costs £750 and may require 8+ hours onboard.

Please let me know the details of any other craft you might like photographing. 

Travel is charged as a standard return rail ticket plus a short cab journey if needed. That said, I'm pretty used to walking long stretches of towpath!

Photography is 90% light.

Light   We want to open up your boat to as much natural light as possible. So, on the day, we'll have all your curtains and roof and side hatches open to invite that lovely light in! Keep this in mind as you go over your boat with hoover and duster. Stow away any distracting clutter. If you like, think of your special boat appearing in a boating or interior decorating magazine.

If you can get your boat to a nice, green, open spot beforehand, this will add freshness and light to the photographs – and avoid the paraphernalia of marinas and other boats appearing in your windows.

Interior light   Indirect light is ideal for interiors, so high cloud is perfect. Direct sunlight is excellent too, even better if a sun-dappled tree happens to stand beside the boat to filter some of that light. Even in the rain an interior can be made to look warm and inviting.

Exterior light   The exterior is best photographed earlier and/or later in the day, when the sun's rays are lower and less harsh – to act as modelling light that brings out your boat's form, curves and features. Having a full day session means I can photograph different parts of your boat – inside or out – at different times of day, depending on the changing light.

Onboard   Once onboard I'll have the opportunity to get an overview of your boat and its special features. Then I'll soon be into my 'creative zone' and set to work – composing a collection of images that will allow others to visually 'step aboard' your vessel and experience its cabin layouts and delights. Some people are happy to go off for the day and leave me to it. Others prefer to stay aboard and shuffle about a bit as I progress. (I wouldn't say 'no' to a cup of tea!) Whatever's most convenient.

'Production' is what happens when I visit your boat with my camera equipment and capture the photographs.

'Post-production' is everything that happens after that, including:

  • Editing the results down to the session's very best images
  • Processing the RAW digital files: adjusting exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows and ensuring colours are correct
  • Fine tuning exposure – perhaps lightening areas cast in deep shadow
  • Occasional 'digital cleaning'. I won't tidy your boat for you, but if I notice in the photographs a distracting bit of dirt or unsightly washcloth left on a countertop, I may be tempted to remove it digitally.
  • Preparing the photos for printing, posting or sharing.

    Images are normally saved as high-resolution JPEGs for print (magazine quality to A3/double-page spread size), and as smaller, medium-resolution JPEGs for online presentation and emailing. I can also supply TIFs or other files if you prefer.

Post-production is labour intensive – particularly for card-carrying perfectionists like myself – so I will easily spend 1-2 days working on your boat's images.

Unfortunately, as I live on a boat, I don't have the space to set up a professional quality printer and keep paper stock.

The beauty of receiving image files is that you have full control over how they are reproduced. You can have prints made by a high street printer in a range of sizes and finishes. Or you can upload files to an online specialist, who will print to gallery standard on a variety of papers and media: gloss, hi-gloss, matte, silk, velvet, archival, metallic, wood, canvas, Giclée. You can have posters printed or design a photo book.

Here's some professional and popular online printers*:

* These are a few suggestions, not recommendations. I have no affiliation with these businesses and receive no financial gratuities from them. Check them out on: Trustpilot.






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