Full-time life on a narrowboat is a novelty for so many, and is endlessly fascinating. How do you downsize your life and belongings into what looks like a large, crayon-coloured floating toy box?

Narrowboat Life is filled with beautiful photography of the waterways themselves, the narrowboats that occupy them and, most importantly, every nook and cranny of their interiors.

Accompanying the absorbing images is playful and informative text that will satisfy your curiosity about, among other things:

  • How much does a narrowboat cost?
  • How do you hold down a job if you're always on the move?
  • Is it cold in the winter?
  • How do you use the internet?
  • How much, exactly, does it cost to live on a narrowboat?
  • Does he (the cat, dog, parrot) live on the boat too?

What's New in the 2nd Edition?

  • BANG UP-TO-DATE COSTS of living on a boat: in cities or the countryside; in luxury or on-the-cheap
  • LIVING GREEN AFLOAT – recycling, upcycling, Green Tips, eco-energy and keeping a greener galley
  • 'STEP ABOARD' INTERIOR PROFILES of more beautiful narrowboats and widebeams
  • BEST VALUE in the present new and second-hand narrowboat sales market.
Close-in view of a colourful pair of replica traditional motor and butty liveaboard narrowboats

Look Inside Narrowboat Life

Here's a virtual peek inside the first edition of Narrowboat Life.

I spent a huge amount of time working with Bloomsbury to get Narrowboat Life's layout just right – with the perfect balance of image and text, with lots of visual breathing space for the eyes to rest. I'm very proud of the result!

Sample two-page spread layout of the book 'Narrowboat Life' showing text, images and captions

Available at good bookshops & online 

Buy it as a high quality paperback (220x220mm; 224 pages), an EPUB or PDF eBook.


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The book 'Narrowboat Life' displayed cover outwards amongst other books in a bookshop

... It's Not just about narrowboats ...

The inland waterways are home to many fascinating liveable craft. My experience is of narrowboats, but most of what you discover in this book can be equally applied to living on and evaluating widebeams ('wide narrowboats'), motor cruisers and small historic & replica Dutch barges.


A Dutch barge, cruisers and small day boats moored on the River Thames at Wallingford

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