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Northeast Thailand article by Jim Batty  Local Wanderings in NE Thailand

Account of a journey by songthaew, hitched motorcycles and nickel plated trucks around northeast Thailand, encountering college teachers on Mekong whiskey, clifftop monks, obscure archaeology, a giant Buddha in Erawan Cave and a woman with wooden black teeth! (Originally published in Globe Magazine). Article

Tinos travel article by Jim Batty  Tinos – Pelican Wanderings in the Cycladic Isles

Travel account of a visit to the island of Tinos, in the Greek Cyclades, discussing meetings with remarkable pelicans, staying in hotels, outdoor dining, Pelagia and her miracle, and following the stony mule roads into the island's rural interior to visit the remains of a Venetian castle at Exombourgo. (Originally published in Globe Magazine). Article

Buried body article by Jim Batty  A Buried Body? – Wandering in an English Wood

Murder? Aliens? Strange but true story about camping out in an English wood during a travel photography shoot. Or, what can happen when you go out into the woods at night! Article

French cheese article by Jim Batty  Cheese Wanderings in Normandy

This is a story about using French cheese as a guide to wandering around Normandy. The adventure visits Dieppe, where a mammoth market is discovered, Neufchatel-en-Bray and its lazy town square, Forges-les-Eaux, and the medieval streets and fine restaurants of Rouen – with cheese as the common thread! (Originally published in Globe Magazine). Article

Filming 'The Wolfman' article by Jim Batty  Rain Machine – Filming The Wolfman in London

Text and photographs about the filming of a key scene in The Wolfman (released in 2009) on the corner of two London streets below Lincoln's Inn. This is fascinating, big budget movie-making that recreates Victorian London and involves dozens of actors, over 100 crew, teams of horses and vintage carriages, acres of artificial cobblestone and a mammoth rain machine suspended from the sky. Article

Kayaking on River Thames article by Jim Batty  Red Board Kayaking on the River Thames

This is an account of thrill trumping sanity, when I inadvertently take an inflatable kayak on the River Thames during flood conditions. Article